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 MARS Simulations
The MARS line of educational simulations combines exceptional quality with world-class customer support. They are Internet-based, making them extremely easy to use; and eliminating installation, and compatibility issues, regardless of the equipment used at your school. Administration of each simulation decision literally requires a single mouse click. And because they are competitive, meaning that the decisions of one firm affect the results of all others in the simulation, they bring competitive excitement to the class room.

 Marketing Management
The Marketing Management Simulation is designed to address the pedagogical requirements of an Introduction to Marketing or Marketing Management class. It is appropriate for mass sections as well as smaller class sizes. Students play the role of a marketing manager responsible for corporate marketing planning, implementation, and control. Teams compete for sales, share, and contribution to corporate profitability.

 Sales Management
The Sales Management Simulation is designed to address the pedagogical requirements of either a Sales Management Class, or a Personal Selling Class with a sales management component. It is appropriate for undergraduate or graduate education. Students play the role of a first-line sales manager, responsible for the development and motivation of 5 district sales people. Teams compete for sales, share, and contribution to corporate profitability.

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A World-Class Education:

Our Internet-based sales management and marketing management simulations are designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop higher-level skill sets while reinforcing course content. These higher-level skill sets include:Students having fun with the Marketing Management and Sales Management simulation.

  1. Problem Identification
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Analytical Analysis
  4. Decision Making
Students develop higher level skills

In addition to repeatedly reinforcing course content, our simulations make students more receptive to marketing courses by giving them a contextual background that allows them to understand the relevance of course concepts.

With World-Class Customer Support:

To have value, a quality product must be backed up by quality customer care. In that light, we eliminated troublesome compatibility issues by housing our simulations on the Internet. We made them extremely simple to administer. And we are always available to help our family of adopters. We do everything in our power to insure a smooth transition to our simulations, and a very positive educational experience for both professor and student.

To Learn More:

To learn more about our MARS simulations follow the "learn more" tab at the top of this page. Be sure to check out our multi-media presentations on the pedagogical benefits of using simulations in general, and MARS simulations in particular.

To Obtain Password Access:

Professors may obtain password access to our simulations by sending an email to Dr. Robert W. Cook at robert.cook@shootformars.com. A password will give professors access to the simulation manuals, demonstration simulations for review, and the platform for running simulations upon adoption.

Students may only obtain password access after their professors have created a simulation, and provided them with registration instructions.

Sample Reports:

Marketing Management Simulation Team Ranking Report Marketing Management Simulation Profitability Analysis Report Marketing Management Simulation Market Share Analysis Report Marketing Management Simulation Perceptual Map Report
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 Recent News
Mars Marketing Simulations is pleased to announce that Pi Sigma Epsilon has selected the MARS Marketing Management Simulation for their annual intercollegiate marketing simulation competition. The BOSS (Business Oriented Strategic Simulation) Games pit competing schools in game play over the Internet. Monetary prizes and plaques are awarded for top performances.

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Marketing and Sales Management Simulations